We all do it…

Posted by jenniferglass

It's not Networking. It's Relationship-WorkingHow many of you are going to networking groups/meetings? I am often invited to and asked to attend numerous groups and meetings as part of my role as VP of my local Chamber of Commerce, but also as a speaker and educator for various groups.  What amazes me most is how many people go around the room, make very little effort to try and get to know the person they’re speaking with and say “here’s my card. Call me if I can ever help!”

Now a lot of you may be wondering, what’s wrong with that above statement, “call me if I can ever help,” right? Here’s what’s wrong with that statement – the person making it is 99% of the time not caring about the individual they’re speaking with, they’re simply looking for the sale and saying “call me if I can ever sell you” and not “how can I make your business/life better by being a resource” – you want to be seen as someone that people want to speak with. You want to be seen as someone that is a connector – bringing various people together, even when it is NOT your business that is benefiting! Why? Because in the long-run, you do benefit when someone sees you as caring because of the Law of Reciprocity – people feel indebted to those that help them.

Try it out next time you’re at an event – go up to people at the event and ask them how you can really help them. Say to them, I’m not looking to sell you – what do you need in your business most right now? That may be a new marketing plan, a new website, a VA, a new hire, etc and you may not be doing ANY of what they’re looking for, but if you know people or resources you can refer them to, you’re now in good favor with them!

Do you need resources to know of when speaking with people? Look at companies like Fiverr, FreeeUp and other such sites where you can direct these people to go when they need the assistance they may require.  Also, take a look at your LinkedIn network – who do you know in a specific area that may help?

What happens as a result of offering the help where you aren’t even getting value? Some folks may believe that it’s useless – but I am telling you it’s far from it! The law of reciprocity kicks in once somebody believes you helped them and now they want to help you – do you need something? Maybe if you grab a coffee with your new networking friend, they’ll be open to hearing what you do in much greater detail and want to see if they can work with you or who they know would be a good fit. Try it out next time you’re at an event and let me know what results you get!

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